Stormor Premium Longspan Tub Rack with Plastic Bins

Introducing the Longspan Tub Rack Shelving Unit - the perfect solution for industrial and commercial storage needs. This shelving unit boasts a range of features that make it a standout option in its class.

  • Fischer 32 litre stackable tubs included
  • Fully modular system with linking add-on bays
  • Multiple size options
  • Frames are pre-assembled
  • Concealed keyhole design (beam holes are on the inside)
  • Powder coated frames and beams
  • Light grey beams & charcoal upright frames
  • Heavy duty "step beam" construction
  • Australian Made Fischer plastic Stor-Tubs included
  • High quality, durable, medical grade Polypropylene containers
  • Foot plates included (dyna-bolts not included)
  • Beam locking clips included
  • Tub lids available - sold separately

Product Code: LSSTR12BL

Available with Black or Blue 32L Australian Made Fischer Plastic Stor-Tubs, the Longspan Tub Rack shelving unit provides you with a wide range of sizes to suit your specific storage needs. Other plastic tub colours are available upon request. The strong and durable design is built to last, with fully assembled frames and beams. Footplates allow the unit to be bolted to the floor (bolts not included).

The powdercoated charcoal frames and light grey beams give the unit a sleek and modern look, fitting seamlessly into any workspace, warehouse, showroom, workshop or factory. This fully modular system allows you to create linking multi-bay shelving runs with add-on bay kits, providing an expandable and customisable storage solution.

The inclusion of beam locking clips ensures the safety of the shelving unit, adding an extra level of security when storing your items.

The Longspan Tub Rack Shelving Unit is a top-quality storage solution that offers durability, safety, and versatility. Its choice of tub options, strong and durable design, assembled frames and footplates, fully modular system, powder-coated finish, heavy-duty "step beam" construction, and beam locking clips make it an excellent and logical choice for any commercial or industrial setting.

The Stormor Container Rack is capable of storing parts, components, fittings, fasteners, nuts, bolts, screws, washers, springs, stock, warehouse consumables, PPE, or anything your workplace, store room, despatch/receiving area, showroom or workstation needs.

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